Cage the Elephant Stole Christmas and Chicago’s Love

Cage the Elephang

Cage The Elephant has a reputation as a band that will never disappoint. Whether you only know their tried but true hit, “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked,” or you follow the release of every one of their albums, you can’t deny that Cage makes you want to sing along. On December 2nd, Cage The Elephant had over 5,000 of their biggest fans singing along with them at Aragon Ballroom.

The band took the stage for Day 2 of 101WKQX’s “The Nights We Stole Christmas.” The event was sold out, and every fan in the venue was anticipating Cage’s performance. When they finally took the stage, the crowd went wild.

IMG 0094 762x554 Cage the Elephant Stole Christmas and Chicagos Love

Cage the Elephant at Aragon Ballroom

Matt Schultz, Cage’s lead singer, goes crazy on stage, jumping and dancing around. Just watching him can wear you out. It was impossible to take your eyes off of him, with his bright red shirt and silver shiny shoes.

Schultz ran into the crowd halfway through the set, and was swarmed by loving fans. He spent an entire song in the pit with them, passing the mic around and hugging audience members. The same was done by Matt’s brother and guitar player, Brad Schultz.


The only thing the echoed the excitement of the audience when the brothers were in the crowd, was the sound of 5,000 fans singing during the band’s encore. Starting from their first song on stage, Cry Baby, the crowd got louder and louder. Fans screamed and cried with love for the band.

IMG 0092 762x503 Cage the Elephant Stole Christmas and Chicagos Love

Matt Schultz with crowd at Aragon Ballroom

The Nights We Stole Christmas performance is just another example of Cage the Elephant giving a flawlessly energetic performance. Chicago is always waiting for the band to come back! The eternal agony of waiting for another Cage show is only relinquished when listening to one of their albums, so be sure to download them.