Bleached Destroys Empty Bottle with some Rock n’ Roll

Bleached Destroys

After making a splash at SXSW, Rock n’ Roll Punk band, Bleached came to Chicago. With help from Lala Lala and No Parents, Bleached destroyed Empty Bottle with their jams.

Lala Lala kicked the night off with their bass heavy songs. Fans lightly head-banged to the music, absorbing the band’s energy. The girls set the stage perfectly for a punk-filled night.

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No Parents

No Parents continued the show and brought a more hardcore vibe with them. Their music was intoxicating.  Fans began to form a mosh pit, while frontman, Zoe Reign, jumped around the stage. The energy at Empty Bottle was insane. The crowd was always hyped because they could see the entire setlist, which was written on the bass player, Killian’s chest. Knowing what songs were to come kept them prepared to jam.

No Parents played an extended set, to keep the energy up for Bleached. The band played an extra two songs, shortening the wait time between sets, which the crowd loved. The band closed with one of their more popular songs, “Hey Illuminati.” During this song, the crowd got a guest appearance from Bleached, who came on stage to sing and dance with No Parents before their set started.

After a short intermission, Bleached took over the show. Their stage was decorated beautifully with flowers, but that didn’t stop them from rocking out. In fact, they went so hard, the drummer broke his drum head on the first song. The rest of the night lived up to the same caliber. Bleached played while climbing into the crowd, something typical for their shows.

Jennifer Calvin, front woman of Bleached dives into the crowd for each show Bleached has. The crowd can tell she feels through the music, she throws herself on the ground or jumps up and down. Whatever she does, it’s perfect for the moment.

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Jennifer Calvin of Bleached

Empty Bottle was insane on Friday night thanks to Lala Lala, No Parents, and especially Bleached. Don’t miss any of these bands next time they’re in Chicago! Any one of their shows is a guaranteed pick-me-up.

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Bleached at Empty Bottle

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