Band of Horses throw a Casual Party at the Aragon Ballroom

Band of Horses

Band of Horses came to Chicago with one goal in mind. To wow the crowd with a healthy dose of tracks from their new album Why Are You OK. The Aragon was near capacity and for good reason. This band has been around for over a decade and have given fans multiple hits. Their lineup has changed over the course of their history with their current members putting on a solid performance.

Ben Bridwell began the night with his hauntingly beautiful vocals during “Dull Times/The Moon” while on the lap slide guitar. The night progressed from a nice amount of popular tracks from their older albums to a decent amount of new songs from their newest. When “Laredo” began the entire crowd erupted into pure elation and from there on out, Band of Horses had them hooked.

Ben and company gave some amazing performances with “Weed Party”, the acoustic trio of “Part One”, and “No One’s Gonna Love You”. The biggest crowd pleasers of the night came in the form of “Is There a Ghost” and “The Funeral”. Both instrumentally and vocally this show was fantastic.  Hats off to the road crew in how perfect the set ran with no hiccups the entire evening, which can happen more then you would expect.  I know that these guys need to come back soon since there were a lot of songs still to be played that fans would have gone nuts over.

Check them out the next time they make a stop in Chicago.


  1. Dull Times/The Moon > 2. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands > 3. Laredo > 4. In a Drawer > 5. Hag > 6. The Great Salt Lake > 7. Weed Party > 8. NW Apt. > 9. St. Augustine > 10. Part One > 11. The End’s Not Near > 12. No One’s Gonna Love You > 13. Casual Party > 14. Throw My Mess > 15. Country Teen > 16. Older > 17. Dilly > 18. Solemn Oath > 19. Is There a Ghost


20. The Funeral > 21. The General Specific

Brett Bergen

Brett Bergen

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