B. Bandz “How I’m Coming” Mixtape & New Video “Wonderful Feeling” feat DLow & Nia Kay

B. Bandz

TST Legacy artist B. Bandz drops his debut project “How I’m Coming” with major production from Chase Davis, Cash Money AP & Proto Cal (Credits: Future, 2Chainz). The new project features hit single “Wonderful Feeling”, ft. Atlantic Recording artist DLow, “I’m Sorry”, “Fresh”, and “Y.R.N.” And additional features with 2 Crucial exclusively on Itunes  and Nia Kay artist of Jermaine Dupree’s reality show “The Rap Game”.

“How I’m Coming” depicts B. Bandz as the “Fresh Prince of Chicago”, uncovering the various excursions of a typical young man chasing girls, money, and living his idea of the American Dream. “How I’m Coming” has a positive approach,  with B.Bandz creative wordplay fused with Chicago slang. The catchy hooks and open concept videos breathe a fresh and new perspective of what good music means. B. Bandz’s quality of content and engagement throughout the project proves that this is just the beginning & encourages his fans to match his fresh.

Check out B. Bandz Mixtape here.


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