Autograf’s Metaphysical Tour takes over Concord Music Hall

Chicago’s very own Autograf delighted Concord Music Hall fans last night with their melodic blend of tropical and deep house music for their Metaphysical Tour.

We’ve seen Autograf many times this year at local shows and major festivals including a sit down with us during the inaugural New Years Eve festival Reaction NYE.

First beginning their career as an art show mixed with a dance party these fan favorites have grown their fan base outside the Chicago borders and into different parts of the nation. Racking up millions of views with originals like “Metaphysical” and hit remixes Autograf is on the verge of music stardom. Band members Jake Carpenter, Louis Kha and Mikul Wing are a Chicago trio of growing artistic talent.

With only two of the three members preforming, Carpenter & Louis, last night Autograf put on a groove filled set. With support from other tropical house favorites rising artists like Axilon, Good Life, Chet Porter, and support from special guest Teemid the 2 a.m. dance party wasn’t long enough for concert goers.

Autograf ConcordMusicHall 17 1230x820 Autografs Metaphysical Tour takes over Concord Music Hall

Autograf for their Metaphysical Tour. Photo Jesus J. Montero

Last night the Concord Music Hall was in most chilled places to vibe out to smooth pleasurable tunes. Club remixed bangers were used often, but not enough to break the hours of long groove filled deep music beats.

Shazam was used often as Autograf showcased many songs last night from their newest forthcoming EP, Future Soup. Songs like “Heatbeat” were well received as they were showcased last night. “Heartbeat” features future house grooves that adds on to Autograf’s already long list of contemplative tones. Check out below “Heartbeat” for yourself for your tropical house pleasures. Autograf‘s Future Soup EP is slated for release on March 11th.

Check out some of our photos from last night of Autograf on their Metaphysical Tour at the Concord Music Hall.

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