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Autograf. Photo: Jesse Pizano

Autograf is a trio from Chicago (composed of Jake, Louis, and Mikul) who were put on the map with their remix of Marvin Gaye’s song “Grapevine” about 2 years ago. A lot has happened for them they have had several successful remixes, their signing to Counter Records, and touring all over the world. Their new tour Metaphysical started in New York on January 15 and they will be debuting a new live set. Autograf will be performing in Chicago at the Concord Music Hall on February 26, 2016.

I had the opportunity to set down with them back at Reaction NYE. I have been following them for a longtime and love their music, it was great to finally meet them, and I had lot of questions about their music and plan for the future.


Autograf started 2 years ago how did it happen?

Louis: Me and Mikul started DJing like way back because Mikul looked like justice and everyone loved justice. Jake was from Kentucky and we hired him for a party because he had a giant robot. He shows up with his partner and they both have girlfriends and we are thinking what’s up with these dj’s with girlfriends. So we were like he is a really nice guy from the country and he is going to loyal but that was like five years ago. After that we went out to do our own solo music but we eventually came back together because we wanted to start a new project. Jake and Mikul had art backgrounds so we started doing music and we start Autograf.


One of your first remixes was for Marvin Gaye’s song “Grapevine”. Why did you choose this song?

Jake: I was at this diner at 2 am and they were playing old hits. Then I heard “Grapevine” and all I can hear is the soul then I wondered if there was an acapella version on this song. Next morning I woke up to look for the song and there it was a high quality version 44.1 wav of the song and I was like bootleg. That song took us a long time to do like a month.

Louis: I remember I was in Argentina and he sends me a new cut and I’m like this is drum fill and I’m like all our songs need drum fill.


How did you choose which song to remix after that one?

Mikul: Originally we were doing a bunch of bootlegs we can get our hands on.

Jake: If we can get a high quality acapella song that we all liked then we would do it. Now a days it’s more like who is hitting us up and if our interest is aligned with theirs.


You started to release original songs, with art pieces made by yourselves. Who is creating them?

Mikul: Originally both are background are in art before our music and we wanted to incorporate the art with our music. Just building installation pieces for our first party and now trying to do physical art pieces to accompany everything and now taking that art full circle with our music.


Do you have music video projects?

Louis: So when we were in Europe a good buddy of ours a videographer from Brazil. So we had these ideas for a video and we shot a bunch of stuff in Europe. We wanted to graphically animate it and now we are going to get together with the videographer to make some of the graphic designs.


What are you guys looking forward to do in 2016?

Louis: Try to relax more and not get so stressed out because I think we are doing so much every day we don’t relax that much. I want to be able to step back and see the accomplishments a lot of people ask us what are your biggest accomplishments and I’m like I don’t know because all I’m thinking about is getting to our next show.

Jake: Every time I’m with Louis I always tell him bask like a lizard. Bask in the glory of the sun you need to just take a second and bask erase whatever thoughts that you are worried about like making sound check or like I have to make an Instagram post like right now. Cut that right at the neck and bask for a second.

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