Andra Day performed new music at Lincoln Hall

Andra Day Performed at Lincoln Hall

Retro-soul singer and songwriter Andra Day performed at a sold out show at Lincoln Hall. The Los Angeles born singer put on a very intimate show in which she refers to her fans as family. Shortly after her set began the songstress explains the importance of self worth and positive self image as she begins to remove her makeup. She then performed her new song “No Make Up.” A wonderful surprise highlight was Andra’s pianist Charles Jones who overjoyed the crowd with his beautiful voice during a rendition of “Change is Gonna Come.”

Andra Day is becoming more and more of a powerhouse and even recently performed at The Grammys with Ellie Goulding and appeared at The Academy Awards. Her unique style and phenomenal vocal ability suggests she will be a voice we will hear and enjoy for along time to come.

Jeremy Franklin

Jeremy Franklin

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