Album Review: iiiDrops – Joey Purp

Joey Purp rapper, Leather Corduroys

Chicago’s very own Joey Purp just dropped his latest project iiiDrops. Joey Purp is a member of the Chicago rap collective Save Money, along with Chance, Vic Mensa, and Towkio. His latest offering definitely solidifies his rank amongst the Chicago rap scene and beyond.

From a production standpoint, the beats are all exceedingly confident, melding very interesting sounds into the final product in a manner that’s pretty refreshing. In truth, the same could be said about most of Purp’s verses.

His bars feature a lot more thoughtful introspection and (relative) conscientiousness than was expected, personally. That being said, though, there’s also no shortage of outright bravado to accompany it. The opening track “Morning Sex” really sets the tone for the rest of the album.

“I done been on both sides of the burner, I done witnessed both sides of a murder… I could show you what it’s like to see a homicide” Purp raps right off the bat. Complimenting the visceral, heartfelt flows is some really top instrumentation: Soaring strings, deep steady kick drums, etc…

“Girls” includes a feature from Chance The Rapper, and is one of the more fun, lackadaisical songs on the album. Neither the beat nor the verses take themselves too seriously, and definitely for the better.

Chance playfully gives an idea of what he’s about with, “Where the girls in the club with the black dress? With the big fat booty and the flat chest? Who tryna wear the black dress to my address? I got a bed, no frame, just a mattress”.

I thought the track “Photo Booth” was one of the hardest-going on the record. Adding to its appeal is the underlying beat, which manages to channel a unique industrial type of sound. The finished product is a very easy to listen to, but hard hitting song; definitely a highlight.

My primary complaint with the album is the very monotone delivery Purp brings in basically every song on the record. Content wise, though,  iiiDrop is a very solid record, which seems to be the trend with the Save Money cats, like Vic Mensas There’s Alot Going On and Chance’s Coloring Book.

Cheers to Save Money, we expect to hear all three projects blaring in speakers all summer long.